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❄️ Stay cool, stay hydrated! ❄️ Don't just beat the heat, freeze it!

Keep your drinks icy and your little ones happy with this cool hydration hack. Let's conquer the parks together!

As you gear up for your magical journey through the parks, don't forget the most important rule of all: stay hydrated! Yes, even more crucial than deciding which Mickey ears to wear.

Here's a little tip from us to you: freeze some water the night before. Not only will it keep you refreshed during the day, but it's also your secret weapon against the Florida heat. Plus, if a little one takes a tumble (hey, it happens), you're already equipped with a makeshift ice pack to soothe any bumps and bruises. Talk about multitasking!

So, fill up those water bottles, freeze 'em up, and let the hydration adventure begin! Remember, a well-hydrated explorer is a happy explorer.

Stay cool and hydrated out there!

Your friends at EveReady

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May 06

Stay cool, stay hydrated!

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